Sustainable Growth - Management

Brand activation through responsible live communication

The world is in the most transformative time in society and businesses recognize that sustainability is necessary for the long-term success of their organizations. However, this does not only mean reducing carbon impact, building greener products, or handling social issues far better – as all corporate value creation it needs to permeate leadership and culture, operations, procurement, marketing and communication, events, and branding as well. So how might sustainability be integrated and communicated via business events. Host Claudia vanŐt Hullenaar has spearheaded a systematic strategic program to sustainable events at a Fortune 500 company and will explore with you how this can be done.


Learning outcomes

á      Understand how a strategic approach to sustainable events can be an extension of your brand and support company goals

á      Gain insight into stakeholder engagement and how it helps you to obtain wider support

á      Discover why ÔsustainableŐ and ÔdesignŐ play well together and support innovation


Host: Claudia vanŐt Hullenaar, Sustained Impact, Owner, Sustainable Events Committee Member of the Events Industry Council