New Green – Facilitation


Manage food waste and save money

To act and think sustainable is more important than ever! To define Sustainability can be a challenge. To take responsibility for the worlds food resources, globally as well as locally, is a place to start.

Unilever has created ways to make sustainable results in a business  - linked directly to the important value of the food we are preparing and consuming every day.


Get Specific ideas to, how branding yourself and your business in a sustainable way, which is easy for your costumer to relate to.


Learning outcomes

      Examples on managing Food Waste and getting started

      Examples on costumer value through sustainable branding

      Examples on Habbit change in a production and in a working mindset

      Case studys from local kitchens

      Insight in Unilevers Sustainable Living Plan and how this, can Value you and your Guests


Host: Frank Jakobsen, Culinary Advisor and head chef, Unilever Food Solutions.