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The Efficient Meeting and how to benefit from ISO 20121
Though meetings are one of the oldest tool for learning humankind has invented one sometimes feel meeting innovation was also left in the Dark Ages. Luckily new research and indeed certified methods have now emerged with better ways to engage, activate, and captivate participants in ways that actually can produce a day of learning and connectedness instead of 8 hours of snoring and a nice lunchÉ This seminar shows how and gives key points on how to integrate better paths to efficient meetings in your own events and meetings.

Cases: Aalborg Kongres & Kulturcenter og Kuoni  Destination Management Europe


Learning outcomes

á      The benefit from a structured meeting planner approach

á      Key points to remember to create effective meetings

á      KPIs to demonstrate these benefits for future reporting


Host: S¿ren Stochholm, Partner Worldperfect og Sofie Randel, Indehaver Rethink Events