Human – Management


Diversity as a driver for efficient meetings
Have you ever heard the joke about a meeting on WomenĠs Liberation with an all male cast? Or the male president - with an all male cabinet - signing bills about womenĠs health? Well, they are not jokes – and in politics as well as business (and research) a lack of diversity in gender, race, culture, or other are increasingly shown to hinder both good and also sustainable development for any organisation. The path to progress simply depends upon a multi-faceted approach to management, to strategy, and certainly to HR. ÒThe employees are our greatest assetÓ they said – turns out you are more right than you think; A lack of diversity is a lack of assets.


Learning outcomes

á      Seeing your blind spots

á      Integrating diversity and cultural intelligence

á      Creating inclusive leadership


Host: Heidi Rottbżll Andersen, Founding Partner Living Institute